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The Therapist

Sharon Aldrich LMT, MMP MA41818

Sharon became a Licensed Massage Therapist in July of 2004. Choosing to take more hours than the state of Florida requires, she graduated with a specialty in Neuromuscular/Active Isolated Stretching Therapy.

In April 2008 she completed a Master Level Certification in Medical Massage Therapy. Sharon works closely with Chiropractors, Physical Therapists, Orthopedic Doctors, to name a few, when needed. This has contributed greatly to her understanding of the medical massage needs of the client.

In August 2010, Sharon received her certification in Lymphatic Drainage. Edema (swelling caused by fluid retention) caused by diabetes or injuries, such as whiplash to sinus drainage, are some of the many reasons clients can potentionally benefit from this gentle but effective treatment. She works with Breast Cancer survivors whom several have been referred from their surgeons to help redirect the accumulated lymph fluid that sometimes occurs after surgery and reconstruction.

Furthering her education at the world renowed Upledger's Institute, courses in CranioSacral Therapy I and CranioSacral II were completed in June 2011 and January 2012 respectively. Sharon's personal CST story was published on the International Alliance of Healthcare Practitioner's site.

Expanding on her knowledge in pregnancy massage, Sharon received her certification in Advanced Training and Therapeutic Massage Techniques in February 2012. Taking the course "Bodywork for The Childbearing Years" from highly respected and course creator Kate Jordan has given her the opportunity to help her prenatal and postpartum clients much more effectively. To get a full description of this training you may visit Ms. Jordan's website at www.katejordanseminars.com.

Incorporating Natural/Alternative and Conventional Medicine (when indicated) to give the client a well-rounded treatment and hopefully inspire them to desire better health and wellbeing is a passion Sharon lives d aily.

Sharon's other passions include Family, her 2 horses Cheno and Rubio, 1 dog Sheila, 4 rescue cats Eva, Baby, Maggie and Mikey, 1 macaw Phoenix and her latest rescue Ernie the guinea pig.

She sponser's Mon Mon, a 5 year old child from the Phillipines through Compassion International and loves all the correspondence. Sharon also donates monthly to Equine Rescue Network saving slaughter bound horses at Killbuyer auctions as well as to other life saving animal needs.